【Anniversary Lunch】 Anniversary Lunch Plan 2,500 yen ※ With Cheers and Festive Message Plate ※

【Anniversary Lunch】 Anniversary Lunch Plan 2,500 yen ※ With Cheers and Festive Message Plate ※

2500 Yen

We will prepare toasted liquor and celebration message plate on topical vegetables and healthy lunch course using super food.Assortment of healthy vegetables appetizer and your favorite pasta, main dish, dessert, cafe after meal ♪ festive celebration of friends and family anniversary with healthy lunch ★ Colored paper gift available on the spot on coupon usage! Let's write a celebration to gifts ♪ Let's give a gift ♪

【【Toasts aperitifs】

■ 【Assorted appetizer of healthy vegetables】

■ 【Soup of vegetables】

■ [choice] main
· Spaghetti fried eggplant with spicy tomato sauce Arabiata
· Salad tailoring of cold penne plenty vegetables
· Gourmet grown vegetables and special coconut milk green curry
· Beef hamburger steak with locally grown rice-flavored plate of half-grain rice
· Today's special sand plate

■ [Message plate for celebration]

■ [Dessert to choose]
· White peach's pound cake with gelato
· Fruit sand of fluffy chiffon cake
· Classic Tiramisu
· Assorted gelato
· Mango pudding and yoghurt cream's mango parfait
· Hugarden white ice cake and yogurt parfait

■ 【Cafe after eating】
Espresso · Coffee · Caffe latte · Tea
Peach tea · herb tea

※ 1 day limited only! Upgrade with special message plate + \ 500 of characters etc.
Come on a special anniversary ♪

Coupon that can be used

  • 【Anniversary Benefit】 Anniversary Plan Reserve with fireworks director & present colored paper on the spot!

    • Presentation conditions
      Please reserve by the day before booking
    • Conditions of use
      Person who books Anniversary Plan / Can not be combined with other tickets / services · More than 4 people
    • Expiration date
      Until the end of August 2017