【Autumn Banquet! 2h with drinks and 500 yen OFF】 Casual Plan of Appetizer & Pasta 3500 yen

【Autumn Banquet! 2h with drinks and 500 yen OFF】 Casual Plan of Appetizer & Pasta 3500 yen

3000 yen

【Farewell reception party! Receiving a lot of autumn fruits!】 A cheap salad that can enjoy parma-produced ham 6 kinds of appetizers plus plenty of cheese Caesar salad, full-scale voluminous Caesar salad, Fritz Assortment & chef's whimsical pasta pasta cheese special desserts Casual Plan 4 ~ 10 Private rooms for families, partial charter for 10 ~ 16 people, Floor charter for more than 30 people possible Message plate service to main players is also accepted!

□ appetizer six assorted □
Parma ham
· Various mushroom garlic saute
· Quiche of bacon and chestnut
· Marinated cinnamon flavor of pumpkin
· Marinated small turnip
· Terrine with sweet potatoes and cream cheese

□ Full of cheese Caesar salad □

□ Fritz Assorted □
·French fries

□ Chef's whimsical pasta □

□ "Special pasta cheese" dessert □

To the guests of the party leading role, service the message plate (please tell at the time of reservation)

Coupon that can be used

  • 【September 19 to 22 only】 Various banquets 500 yen OFF & extendable all-you-can-eat 3 hours

    • Presentation conditions
      At the time of booking
    • Conditions of use
      Reservation required / Can not be used with other services / Can not be combined with other coupons / From September 19 to 22
    • Expiration date
      September 22, 2017
  • 【Farewell Accommodation Gift Benefits】 Services with dessert with message to protagonists

    • Presentation conditions
      Please tell us your / coupon use until the day before reservation
    • Conditions of use
      Reservation required / Not available at time of visit / Only applicable to various banquet plans / over 2 people
    • Expiration date
      December 03, 2017